Alzheimer Society combats stigma

  • Oct. 10, 2012 3:07 p.m.

Social interaction is important for brain health and many people helped keep their heads happier by attending the Alzheimer Society’s World Alzheimer’s Day open house event Sept. 21.

A number of people came to hear poet Jenna Butler’s heartfelt reading from Wells, her book of poetry about her grandmother’s journey through dementia, and everyone came to learn more about dementia through the Heads Up! For Healthier Brains program.

Thanks to the women from the Alberta Institute of Massage who provided much enjoyed massages; Alberta Health for providing pedometers and Stop Smoking kits, City Roast and the Red Deer Co-op for the delicious healthy snacks and Quenched International Coffee House for their donation.

A special thanks to our volunteers Chris Hume and Dean Cowan who generously shared their own experiences and wealth of advice with visitors.

Days like this are important to recognize the important strides being made toward increasing awareness and combating the stigma surrounding dementia.

Janice Fogarty

Alzheimer Society

Red Deer and Central Alberta office