A predictable CFL

  • Jul. 9, 2014 3:41 p.m.

I found out a couple of things about myself over the last week or so.

After a trip to the art gallery in Edmonton I discovered I really don’t understand art but I applaud their talent.

After this past weekend I also realized once again the unpredictable CFL is very predictable in that anything can and will happen on any given weekend.

After manhandling Hamilton the Riders wandered into Toronto for a game many thought would be one-sided, and it was but not for Saskatchewan.

How does a week of practice take two teams and turn them into polar opposites from what they put on the field the week before?

In Montreal, the Alouettes weren’t lights out against B.C. but Lions fans may have wished this game was played in the dark.

The Als looked much better than the bunch who were stampeded a week before that other stampede in Calgary and the Lions looked much worse than they did in a loss to Edmonton last week.

I’m not sure any knowledgeable CFL would have said Edmonton and Winnipeg would be 2-0 atop the west after two weeks but that’s where things sit right now.

Of course, the Bombers need to fix a few things after Ottawa came out stronger than most thought they would be but at least one of the things they don’t need to fix is their quarterback.

Edmonton also has some tinkering to do with their machine and it seems the o-line could use a little more practice in keeping Mike Reilly upright.

As for Hamilton, they showed a little more spirit on both sides of the ball but the jury is still out on their QB as the guy to lead them to the promised land.

Ottawa has only the one week to go on and after a quick start the Red Blacks showed they need to mature quickly and understand football is still a four quarter game with very few wins coming in the first quarter.

This next week will provide a little more insight into team character on a few fronts and team chemistry on a couple of others but what might be more exciting in all this is an apparent parity which seems to be forming in this league.

But I wouldn’t want to go out on a limb to predict anything with the CFL other than some teams will win and others will lose this weekend.

Take that to the bank.