A colourful way to run 5 km

  • Jun. 11, 2014 3:09 p.m.

Last year was the inception of Run or Dye and this year it’s hitting Red Deer for the first time.

Run or Dye is a colour-filled fun run event that is based off of an ancient Hindu festival called ‘holi’, where citizens gather together to celebrate spring, forgiveness, love and good energy. People shower each other in colour as a symbol of letting go of bad things and embracing love in the present moment.

Run or Dye has drawn inspiration from the Hindu festival and has created a 5km run that promotes the theme of ‘give love’ to its racers, the idea being that when you are showered in the colours, you let go of the bad and embrace the new, bright aspects of life.

“Our primary goal and our mission as the company is to provide people with unique and memorable event experiences that they can share with the people they love,” said promotional group Viral Events Communications Director Katie Langston.

“It brings them closer to their friends and family and give people a really special day that they’ll remember for a long time.”

Run or Dye partners with a non-profit organization within each city an event is held.

Non-profit agencies provide volunteers for the events in exchange for a platform to share their missions and spread awareness through online marketing and in printed documents from Run or Dye. The non-profit also receives a donation from Run or Dye after the event.

Red Deer Regional Health Foundation will be the recipient of the donation this year.

“It’s a fixed amount. There are lots of events where we’ve lost money, but the non-profit still will get the donation and be able to use that towards their bottom line,” explains Langston.

“Run or Dye can’t happen without volunteers – they are a critical part of the event and event production. Non-profit partnerships help us out because we’re able to find volunteers in a market where we may not have been able to ourselves.”

The Run or Dye fun run event is open to all ages.

Children six and under enter free. Single registry is $61, and teams of four can register for $56. The event takes place on June 21st at Canyon Resort, all day long. Register online at http://ca.runordye.com.