Where have our recently inflated property tax dollars gone?

Apparently, Morris (Flewwelling), you didn’t get the hint on election day.

You were almost voted out of office in favor of a last-minute candidate with no political aspirations who didn’t even campaign! Your answer to that was that we were looking for younger leadership.

Usually with age comes wisdom, but obviously not always.

Anyone in your position with half a clue would have been humbled by the election results, and be looking for ways to gain our confidence.

But not you. Instead, you defend the ludicrous cost overruns of the civic yards (and I do expect the same circus act with the city hall expansion/renovation).

Then you have the gall to say that we don’t have the budget to remove snow from our streets, nor the space to “store” it.

We all know why you don’t have any money left for snow removal, but you can’t be serious about not having any room to pile frozen water. Even if there’s no city land available, which I’m sure there is, don’t you think that maybe some landowners in the area might not object to being paid to temporarily bear the burden of some piles of snow?

Then I read that you say, in essence, “Wake up Red Deerians! You live in Alberta! How dare you expect snow removal except in the most dire of circumstances!”

Now I read that if we receive more snow, we will run out of money to remove it!

Time for you to wake up Morris. Some of us have lived in other cities and towns in this great province. Personally, I have never seen such fiscal irresponsibility as we have been subjected to lately.

You need to realize who pays the bills around here. Why is it that you continue to thumb your nose at us, the people you were chosen (barely) to represent? The people of Red Deer deserve better. Time to shape up or ship out.

Please may we have some responsible government?

Steve Mantle

Red Deer