Use care and consideration when donating clothing

I am writing this letter to hopefully reach out to my fellow Red Deerians.

Last week I was on my way to work at 9 p.m. and thought I would drop off a bag of clothes at the clothesline drop-off bin in the Save On parking lot.

The clothesline truck was backed up to the bins and there were clothes all over the ground, the driver was picking them up and bagging them before putting them on his truck.

I grabbed my bag out of the trunk and walked over to him and was surprised to learn that most of the clothing donations put in the bins are not bagged, just thrown in like a laundry shoot.

I was very embarrassed and it makes me wonder what people are thinking and when common sense actually kicks in.

I know it’s not everyone but it wasn’t just a few items of clothing on the ground — it was lots of clothing on the ground.

I wanted to help him pick up and bag this clothing but I would of been late for work.

I drive by these bins daily and see these bins used as a garbage dump.

In conclusion my fellow Red Deerians, if someone can wear it then bag it and donate it.

If you can recycle it do so, there are many drop off sites.

And finally if it’s garbage then throw it in your garbage.

B. Sommers

Red Deer