Thankful for helping hands

I was down and out and had nowhere to turn for help. My mom has recently been diagnosed with cancer and I did not have the funds available to make my way back to Quebec to see her. I was advised to go to Safe Harbour Society, and they took it upon themselves to make arrangements for me to get back home. Living Stones church kindly donated a round trip bus ticket to me leaving from Red Deer to Montreal.

We had ordered the ticket on-line, and it indicated that a return ticket was $226.80. We were told that the ticket was refundable to the purchaser only. Upon picking up the ticket, I was told that the charge was now going to be $496.65.

I contacted Safe Harbour Society immediately to let them know about the substantial increase in fare. Living Stones Church tried to return the ticket for refund and was met with resistance from a customer service representative that was not readily willing to refund the purchase. Frustrated, they therefore chose to keep the ticket amidst the significant increase in price.

I feel terrible for the church. Living Stones Church, and many others in the community do a great service by helping people like myself, those in need.

I want to thank Living Stones Church for their generosity and kind heart during this tough time for my family and me.

Rick Boulay

Red Deer