Taking issue with reader’s letter

To Dana Moran. Before you attempt to smear public services with baseless accusations, perhaps it would be a good idea to have some knowledge of the topics you are so vocal about.

Regarding transit drivers, and their use of seatbelts. Under the Vehicle Equipment Regulation of Alberta EXEMPT DRIVERS – Section 85(b). This Regulation very clearly indicates that Transit Drivers are exempt.

Exempt drivers

85 Section 82(2)(a) does not apply to the following drivers:

(a) the operator of a taxi while the taxi is carrying a passenger for compensation or hire;

(b) the operator of a bus that is part of a municipal passenger transportation system while the bus is being driven or operated, directly or indirectly, as part of that system.

Regarding their use of two way radios, there is no law against this.

It also appeared your engine brake comment may have been another shot directed Red Deer Transit. A simple internet search reveals the following: New Flyer Buses are not equipped with these brakes you speak of. Currently, the City’s entire fleet for regular service consists of New Flyer Buses, which are equipped with a transmission retarder. These retarders do not make any excessive noise, unlike the “Jake Brake” engine retarders found on “Big Rigs”.

Then you make accusations against Police/Peace Officers for “rolling stops” and “blocking the sidewalk”. It is common knowledge that during the course of their duties, Police/Peace Officer are exempt from the Traffic Safety Act. For example, they can go through a stop sign, and close the distance, in order to catch the offender. Or park covertly, in order to catch speeders.

Regarding your “jaywalking” accusations. There currently is not a City of Red Deer bylaw that makes this illegal.

Dana, some due diligence on your part, will prevent you from embarrassing yourself in the future.

C.C. Kazmiruk

Red Deer