Speaking up for seniors’ rights

The continuing commodification of our senior citizens, the pawns in our local P-3 housing and care developments, has also produced a fascinating kind of doublespeak among our leaders in this field. Have you been able to translate what they tell us?

For example – one leader, unable just a few weeks ago to answer serious questions put to him by a large group of concerned seniors, now says he has learned of “some problems within the last couple of days” regarding the situation at the new M:ichener facility. Couple of days? Maybe he just didn’t get it the first time (or didn’t want to).

Also, another leader has assured us that the new facility’s staffing difficulties are all cleared up. He is now going to “enhance” the staffing at Michener. “Enhance”? Read: Try to hire and maintain sufficient good staff in numbers that were not in place to start with.

Again, our Premier says that the public is getting tired of the “theatrics” of Albertans unhappy with what is going on for their seniors in care. Those “theatrics” – rallies, petitions, meetings, emails and letters – are legitimate protest activities in any democracy, if the leaders are not responsive to the clearly-defined concerns of their own citizens.

Don’t be fooled, intimidated, or afraid of speaking out! Be informed, use your own judgement based on experience, and get involved. It is our RIGHT. An arrogant, uber-majority government cannot continue to impose unwanted situations on our Seniors who can no longer speak for themselves. It is up to the rest of us to insist that our leaders remember that there are real people being affected by such doctrinaire and patronizing actions. Remember – even YOU may become old!

B.J. Murray

Red Deer

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