Reader weighs in on voting conundrum

I hope that I’m not the only one who’s unsure of who to vote for on May 2.

I don’t think of myself as someone who’s running out of space in my grey matter. I’m the guy that asks “Can you give it to me in layman’s terms?”

So here’s how I see it as a layman.

Camp PC has for its leader an egomaniac who has unofficially mandated that our country’s government be called ‘The Harper Government’ on official forms, costing us millions, I’m sure, to throw out the old forms and print up the new ones.

Camp Liberal is led by a fellow who has called himself a patriotic American who now wants to lead as a fair-weather Canadian.

Camp NDP is led by a man who shamefully mud-slinged his ‘coalition’ partners this morning on the national news. You’d think that the person with the fewest current seats in parliament wouldn’t cast stones. In his favour, he’s a very smooth talker.

Camp Bloc has more seats than camp NDP.

Each one of these ‘coalition’ players played nice until they reached their goal, and then they started the back-stabbing. I’m not looking to peddle influence even if I could. I don’t even know how I’ll vote yet. I just hope that instead of voting the way someone close to you says you should, you do some research and vote based on how you want our great country to progress.

Steve Mantle

Red Deer