Reader grateful for high schoolers’ support of Japan

I would like to request this message be forwarded to the students at

Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School who have been working hard to raise money for Japanese relief efforts.

I moved to Canada from Japan a few years ago. All my family members are in Japan. My family and friends are fortunately safe. However, I have been very sad to continuously hear the news about Japanese people suffering from the unimaginable damage from the recent earthquake and tsunami, as well as the ongoing issues with the nuclear power plants.

It has been a few days since the earthquake hit the country, but I continue to be anxious about the safety of Japanese people.

I read the article titled ‘Local students focus positive energy on Japan

Relief.’ I was very thankful to learn that there were students who

cared about my country and were making efforts to help it out. I would like

to say a big thank-you to these students on behalf of the people in Japan.

Clearly, my country is in a critical situation still, but I feel a little more hopeful now I know that there is a strong support from these students.

Sachi Kitazaki

Red Deer