Pets need committed owners

I hope you will print my story. You see I am very small and need you to be my voice.

I have been orphaned. I thought being out in the big world was kind of fun, at least that was the first few nights and days — new smells and sights.

The world is a scary place when you are so far from home. I was so cold, scared and hungry. Trust isn’t something I have a lot of.

Where are my people? I thought you loved me and cared about me.

Are you looking for me or have I been replaced? If I were one of your children you wouldn’t stop until I was found. I guess it is different when you have fur and four paws.

I was taken to the vet with a nasty infection to my face. I was so hungry I took on one of those magpies. I caught it and it was quite the battle. The magpie got my face good. A nice lady took me into the vet. I had a tattoo but only the last numbers were made out.

Word to the wise, it might cost a little more, but microchips are the way to go.

Never stop looking for your pets. Cats cannot fend for themselves. If you move, take us with you.

Dumpsters are full of parasites. If you are not used to human food, well there is a lot of diarrhea so there is no nourishment when you are sick.

I am staying with a lady, hopeful that my people come for me.

My tattoo is ‘S’ or ‘5 22’. I am an all black, small female spayed cat found between 56 Ave. and 55 Ave.

I miss you and hope you miss me.

Mickaylehea Kien,

Red Deer