Hunters should be more careful when shooting

This past hunting season my family and I came across two female deer who died of gunshot wounds in our fields and wonder if hunters are even bothering to check if the animal is male or female or what lands they are on.

Of course the animals could have been shot somewhere else and then wandered into our fields but there is no excuse when they are females. They could have had little ones who are now left to wander alone because of careless hunting or stray bullets.

I am not against hunting for the main purpose of eating deer meat, but when it comes to careless hunting or just for the fun of it I get really angry. No one likes to find an innocent animal shot and left, but who knows what happened to these deer and I guess we will never know. I just want hunters to be more careful with their bullets and to those rowdy ones who give others a bad name you should not be allowed to have a gun at all.

So to all you wannabe hunters out there please follow the rules and leave the females alone. And if you shoot it please don’t leave it to die a painful death — make sure it’s a one-shot kill.

Benjamin Laxdal

Red Deer County