Homeowner upset over new building codes

Do you think I’m stupid? Yes, I bet you do. Inspections and Licensing, downtown at City Hall, has new rules for me, a homeowner, who is trying to build a garage.

I cannot put a door or a window on the east wall and if I want to reside my house, I cannot keep my east windows. The explanation for these new building codes lies at the feet of our fire department.

A business in construction told me my house was grandfathered and I could replace my windows. City Hall can’t do that! Well, yes they can as existing legislation on www.landownersagainstbills.com explains. Albertans are merely stewards of the land and you local MLA knows what’s best for you.

My apologies to our fire department. They have nothing to do with Gary, Ted, Doug and the rest of the ‘Magnificent Seven’ who run Alberta.

The provincial Tories cannot figure out why I’m not at their polls voting for them. I don’t vote for them because their policies are too mean. No windows on the east side? What happens if the fire is on the west side?

Laurie Richards,

Red Deer