Golf tournament helps women in sport

It’s amazing what gets done when friends get together and there is a common goal.

You need to look no further for an example than the recent Best Friends Forever Golf Tournament last month.

More than 136 ladies teed it up in order to raise money for female athletics and after the final putt dropped $36,000 has been directed to Red Deer College and the Red Deer Games Foundation to help young female athletes.

“We were right in around our goal and we’re thrilled,” said Tera Lee Flaman, one of the tournament organizers. “It’s a nice chunk of change all going towards women’s athletics.”

The idea to help these young girls came about after a discussion one night during the Winter Olympics and the realization there are cuts to programs, in particular women’s sports.

Along with Lyn Radford, the idea of celebrating young women, getting them involved and helping them in athletics seemed like a good reason to raise some money, said Flaman.

“It (sports) carries you through not only friendships but it helps build women up and build self esteem and healthy lifestyles and it’s just really all encompassing,” she said.

The money will go towards scholarships at RDC which will allow the athletes to focus on their studies and their training by cutting down on the costs associated with competition, travel and accommodations, said Janice Wing of Red Deer College.

Hugh McPherson of the Red Deer Games Foundation said their split of the money raised will go into the endowment fund which can be used to help a young athlete with financial issues within their sport which was at the centre of the BFF Golf Tournament.

“You would hate to see that a young gal who maybe has the potential and maybe didn’t have the money to go farther,” said Flaman.

She mentioned the weekend before the tournament actually took place she received an email from a young female hockey player who was thanking them for the effort to ease some of the financial strain of playing sports.

“I forwarded that onto the committee and we’re like, that’s why we’re doing this.”

So after this measure of success it seems to be a no-brainer there will be BFF, the sequel.

“We had a really great time putting it together and more importantly those who were there that day said how do we sign up for next year so I don’t think they really gave us much of a choice.”