Drunk driver sentence not harsh enough

In response to the sentencing of drunk driver Chad Olsen: I was wondering if anybody may know of how I can send a donation to ‘Judge Jellyback’. It is very obvious that the judge is in desperate need of a spine. A two year, three month sentence is one of the greatest cowardly displays I have seen in years. Two dead adults and five parentless children must warrant a stricter punishment. The fact is, that even when parents split up and a child is left with the mother, the father is left to pay for some of the upbringing of that child. Chad Olsen should also have the financial responsibility to these children until the youngest turns 18 years of age. As far as the judge is concerned, best of luck in getting that new spine that you so desperately need and you better start enjoying the taste of crow, because that’s what you will be eating once Chad Olsen is out and behind the wheel again running down his next victim. A victim that may very well be a family member of the judge. So ‘Judge Jellyback’ do you think you will be happy with the same sentence. You are nothing more than the shadow of a weakling.

Glen Wilneff

Red Deer