Does Red Deer only have one candidate?

As a Red Deer voter it’s unfortunate that when I drive around the City, I only see one candidate trying to get the word out about himself.

Conservative MP Earl Dreeshen is the only one that has bothered to put up any signage that I can see. Although to my understanding, the NDP candidate just put some out.

Still, it’s hard to believe there is even an election coming up. Think back to the City election last fall – there was a sea of signs. It may have looked messy, but at least we knew who was running.

For this very reason, and the effort Dreeshen’s team has put forward, he may have my vote. Any politician who decides to run in an election should have signage of some sort. I’ve heard that some of the candidates have said they chose not to put up signs in the interest of protecting the environment. Others say they are relying more on social media to get the word out. I’m all for protecting the environment, but I don’t see how a few signs every few years is going to do all that much damage.

So this is all good and dandy, but if you remember back to the fall election, Councillor Paul Harris tried this tactic and found himself earning the very last seat on council.

I believe if he would have used signage, he would have garnered even more support and found himself more successful.

Not all of us are really that hooked into the social media world, and in part depend on seeing some signs around town at least telling us who is representing which party.

If candidates make it too difficult for the public to find out who they are, they’re risking the loss of support. Voter apathy is already a huge problem in this country generally, so why do something that would likely even make it worse?

Gwendolyn LeBlanc

Red Deer