City should lead by example

I am disgusted every time I drive through a City playground zone or school zone and see a transit bus flying through, disregarding the speed limit.

I have rarely, in all my years of living in Red Deer – almost 30 to be exact – seen a transit bus slow down in these areas.

Have you ever seen an RCMP officer or peace officer pull over a City bus for speeding through these areas? I didn’t think so.

I understand that they are on the clock and need to make their stops at specific times, but you would think that slowing down in these zones would be accommodated for.

However, a transit bus hitting a child or any other person for that matter would certainly be tragic.

The City needs to lead by example and their employees should be the first ones to obey these speed limits.

Why would a citizen care if City employees do not? I hope that this letter brings attention to this ongoing problem and we start seeing transit drivers obeying the traffic laws.

Gwendolyn LeBlanc

Red Deer