Are federal Tories becoming ‘The Harper Government?’

‘Proof of relevancy’ was a concern for several Conservatives during the last election.

The local candidate had no voice and was seen as a puppet for the PMO (Prime Minister’s Office). Members of the Conservative Party resigned themselves to be cheque writers with little or no influence on policy or direction.

Winning a majority was the end and the end justifies the means, or does it?

Fundraising based on statements that seemed to be at variance with the truth, designed to appeal to the very ugliness of humanity, our hatred, our greed, and often times our desire to punish others for crimes both real and perceived.

Many held their noses, believing that their party leaders will do things differently, in time.

Believing that their leaders knew what they were doing, and were acting on their behalf, they patiently waited.

Their patience began to wear thin.

More and more decisions were being made by fewer and fewer people. Decisions and actions were becoming increasingly hard to swallow for all but the most fervent members.

Shutting down the Afghan detainee probe, dismissing the RCMP Complaints Commissioner, the dismissal of the Nuclear Safety Commission chair while issuing manuals on how to disrupt parliamentary committees.

The treatment of bureaucrats willing to speak out was abysmal, refusing to reveal documents to parliament, hiding the costs for jets, prisons and crime bills. Looking for and abusing loopholes in election finances.

Document altering, and the use of ministerial letterhead to raise money for the Conservative party, the integrity commissioner who never upheld and of over 200 whistle blowing complaints left with over $500,000 and a gag order.

This new incentive to change ‘Government of Canada’ to ‘The Harper Government’ may be the final straw for many.

Has the Conservative Party become the Harper Party?

Are Conservative members supposed to throw money into a pot just to keep Steven Harper in power?

Are they supposed to forget about health care, unemployment, climate change, retirement, their children’s education and spend their hard earned money on a campaign to debase their opponents personally, ignore rational debate on important issues just to feed his giant ego?

The question of relevancy not only remains but has grown in concern for the forgotten majority of Conservative members.

When Alberta’s Conservative Premier announced he was stepping down, a Conservative said that the difference between a provincial Conservative in Alberta and a federal Conservative is that provincial Conservatives are ‘Progressive’.

Members believing that they are becoming increasingly irrelevant, remembering the monumental losses after two majority governments of Brian Mulroney, resentment at being ignored and having to face the consequences of distortions and untruths and knowing that there is nothing for them to do but perhaps write fewer and smaller cheques.

Then their voice would become relevant.

Remember the way to a politician’s heart is through his wallet.

Garfield Marks

Red Deer