UNIQUE SOUNDS – Ninjaspy is set to play The Vat later this month as part of their tour.

UNIQUE SOUNDS – Ninjaspy is set to play The Vat later this month as part of their tour.

Vancouver’s Ninjaspy include City on tour

Vancouver’s high flying cross breed of metal and ska, Ninjaspy (a band of brothers literally), are proud to announce their ‘Jump Ya Bones Tour’ in support of their crowd-funding efforts for their next full length album.

They play April 26 at The Vat.

The current tour comes on the heels of releasing their cult followed debut Pi Nature in 2007 produced by GGGarth Richardson and Ben Kaplan.

“It has been seven years since we’ve put out a full length record. The long wait ends this spring as we prepare to go into the studio with brand new material this May,” reads a release from the band. “But before we do, we need your support to make this new album a reality, and you’ll have many opportunities to throw us a few bones during the IndieGogo Campaign and at any of the western Canadian tour dates where we will perform all of our new songs.”

Following Pi Nature, Ninjaspy has toured across Canada on multiple occasions plus touring Japan in 2010, and winning over legions of fans along the way.

Ninjaspy includes vocalist/guitarist Joel Parent, drummer Adam Parent and bassist Tim Parent. Rising above the mire of their faceless six year muse, they have focused their sights on the mission objectives now at hand – swift, surgical amalgamation of a spectrum of styles and the subsequent eradication of narrow mindedness.

In correlation with a commitment to people before all else, support for Ninjaspy has grown with every show, every tour and every industry contact.

With the help of prolific producers, Richardson and Kaplan, they entered the next level of their career, releasing their debut CD πature (Pi Nature) in the fall of 2007.

Ever reworking new ideas to their utmost potential, 2013 saw the release of the follow-up multi-media EP/Graphic Novella NINJASPY NO KATA with production by the same team of producers.

Equipped and, indeed, armed with their own musical weaponry, (a derivation of hardcore, ska, grunge, reggae, funk and more), Ninjaspy aim to engage people with radical ideas on a level plane.