The Stevedores gear up for show this weekend

The Stevedores, a high-energy, two-piece punk rock n’ roll band from Rocky Mountain House, are set to play in the City this weekend.

They will join The Uncultured, the Last of the V8 Interceptors and Dayglo Abortions on Aug. 29th at The Blarney Stone. Doors open at 8 p.m. with The Stevedores on at 9 p.m. The show is put on by Shadows Productions.

Kirk Stevedore and D.W. Stevedore make up the duo, who just released their debut album entitled This is what you like…now.

“We’ve got some horror-themed songs and songs about true crime but also songs about finding love, losing love, chasing love and getting run over by love trains,” said Kirk.

The Stevedores, who have been together for about a year and a half, are excited to have released their first album.

The duo looks to not only the Misfits for their musical influences, but they also draw from bluesy artists and classic punk as well.

“We’re two-piece, so we try and keep it primitive, but catchy,” said Kirk. “I think everyone is pretty impressed with the full sound we can get with a two-piece as well.”

On stage, The Stevedores are sure to entertain.

“I enjoy how we get to play off of each other,” said D.W. “Being a two-piece we can get away with playing off each other and making the songs up as we go.”

Kirk added there’s also a lot of improv with their shows and a lot of onstage banter that also takes place.

“We love feeding off the energy of the crowd.”

The sound of The Stevedores is quite unique and Kirk and D.W. attribute that to their backgrounds in music.

“We’ve both been in numerous bands and I think with all the different bands we’ve been in and all the different genres we have dabbled in, I think it has helped forge the sound of The Stevedores,” said Kirk.

Looking down the road, The Stevedores are looking forward to continuing to promote their debut album and will potentially head out on a short tour this coming October.