‘The Bard’ returns to Bower Ponds

Prime Stock Theatre presents Red Deer’s own ‘Shakespeare in the Park’ experience – Bard on Bower 2013.

Romeo & Juliet and As You Like It will be performed in repertory from July 18th to Aug. 4th. Productions will run on the outdoor stage at Bower Ponds and organizers point out that performances are suitable for all ages.

Chosen by audience vote last summer, Bard on Bower is happy to celebrate a ‘Summer of Love’ by presenting contrasting romances. Audiences are encouraged to ‘choose their ending’ by attending either the comic ending or tragic ending. Set against the romantic backdrop of Bower Ponds, Bard hopes that people will choose to come to see both.

Set in 1930s Canada, As You Like It places the forest of Arden in the backwoods of northern Ontario/Quebec.

Follow Rosalind and Orlando as they seek to define the roles that men and women play best when they woo. In a time when women sought to express their independence and re-define their role, the spunky Rosalind seeks new adventure and true love bourn out of mutual respect. Smile as she lives the rustic life amidst the lumberjacks, log drivers and Group of 7 painters that roam the woods. Cross dressing and mistaken identities abound in the wilds of Algonquin; its fun for the entire family.

On the other end of the spectrum, audiences are invited to escape to 1820s Mexico. In a world of hot sun and fiery Latin passion Romeo and Juliet discover the dangers that forbidden love can bring to themselves and their family. Under the tutelage of a friar, the pair seek to escape the hate that divides their families and unwittingly bring ruin to their friends.

Now they must hide their love until a new dawn brings the promise of a future together or perish in the darkness of a hate that divides.

Prime Stock Theatre is accepting volunteers and welcoming corporate partners to help with the events, and those interested in supporting are encouraged to contact them at 403–342-3511, by email at Info@Primestocktheatre.com or through the web site at www.primestocktheatre.com.

Admission is free again this year, but donations are greatly appreciated. Suggested donation amounts $20 for adults, $10 for student/seniors.

Picnics are welcome, blankets are encouraged and mosquito repellent is recommended.