Tasman Jude makes Red Deer stop

Exuding a unique joy via their catchy, mesmerizing tunes, Alberta reggae band Tasman Jude are crossing the country introducing folks to their debut full-length disc Green.

They perform Nov. 14th at Fratter’s Speakeasy.

Green is the first in a series of three planned concept albums for the band. The ‘Green, Gold, Red’ package is meant to encompass the diversity of reggae music with each album taking on a different form of the genre.

The first disc Green takes on the rootsy, earthy side of reggae.

Gold will have a bit more island pop, and the third Red will be a little more ska/aggresive.

These albums will showcase Tasman Jude’s full take on reggae – going back to roots of reggae music which teaches of God, peace, love, joy, truth, freedom, justice, unity and serenity.

The town of Grande Prairie may seem like the last place you’d find a reggae band but that’s exactly where Tasman Jude was formed.

The band started when Al Peterson and Caleb ‘BraveHart’ Hart decided on a whim to hit the stage back early last year.

After only three improvised songs, they were surrounded by a crowd asking where their music could be found and so Tasman Jude (now including Adam Paananen and Derek Wilder) was established.

Less than three months after their first performance, Tasman Jude released their debut EP El Norteño which quickly rose to number two on the Canadian iTunes reggae chart.

The lead single ‘Take You Away’ won a video grant and continued to win them a larger audience both at home and internationally.

Soon after, the band recorded another single Family with Earl Pereira (Wide Mouth Mason and The Steadies).

“We don’t have fans, we have family members,” says lead vocalist Hart. “These people support us, love us and we hope to give them something more than music back.”

After Tasman Jude finishes their Canadian Tour they plan to keep the momentum going with tours in Australia and the Caribbean (Caleb Hart is originally from Trinidad-Tobago).