Shane Philip brings unique sound to Red Deer

MULTI-INSTRUMENTALIST - Shane Philip brings his musical craft to The Vat next month.

MULTI-INSTRUMENTALIST - Shane Philip brings his musical craft to The Vat next month.

The Vat will soon be host to Shane Philip, a multi-instrumentalist known for his didgeridoo and dynamic sound.

“What I shoot for is a blend of song writing styles. Things that are going to make people listen to the lyrics and think about what I’m saying,” said Philip.

Philip has been touring for a number of years now and has previously played at the Vat. This time he will be there on Feb. 2nd at 9 p.m.

The sounds of his music have been known to have entire audiences up on their feet dancing to the soulful rhythmic beats but Philip said he loves to throw in a quiet song to have the crowd mellow as well.

“There are two sides to my music. There’s the cerebral end of it and the visceral end of it. I want the audience to feel moved by the didgeridoo and the guitars.”

His music is also available to preview online for those that are interested in hearing the combinations of instruments that Philip has learned to play in his lifetime.

“Some of it is really high energy and will get the crowd going but other songs are really just meant to be listened to and understood,” said Philip.

He described his show as being a casual one where people can feel comfortable enough to sit back and watch the show, or get up and dance with other audience members.

“There’s a really neat energy back and forth once people get dancing. It ends up being a really tribal type experience.”

Philip said one of the biggest things to note about his show is that he is constantly mixing up the sounds of his songs to give the audience a diverse look at his music.

“I combine folk, reggae, blues and world beat and I’m just all over the map.”

Philip will have an accompanying drummer this time with him who he said was part of the motivation to start his career in the first place.

Zach Sukuweh will be joining Philip on this trip and the musician said he is very excited to have him along and that it will make for a very interesting and fun night of music.

“I spent all my life playing instruments but it was always kind of secondary to whatever else I was doing. I’ve been an athlete, a business owner and a teacher, but music’s always been there in the background.”

When he was teaching Philip decided at that point he would become a full-time musician. That was back in 2005.

Philip said he first heard a didgeridoo played really well at a show and ended up buying one off of the man playing it at the time.

“I came back and would meet up with him and play and do shows. I got more and more into it and it led me here to this — playing all of this at once.”

Philip has four albums to his name and frequents the CBC radio shows across Canada.

His most recent album, Life Love Music, was recorded in a mere eight days but contains the sounds that have become unique to Philip.

Philip’s musical sounds trend towards an organic style dance sound, his albums are diverse and include everything from folk-rock collaborations to the current description of world beat meets blues and reggae.

He recalls playing a number of instruments growing up including the guitar, ukulele and drums but said the didgeridoo really drew him into music.

“People coming to the show should know that I sing songs about nature both human and the world around us. They should come if they want to participate in some positive energy back and forth.”

Philip will also be playing nearby shows in Edmonton, Olds, Canmore and Calgary. For information on these invents visit his personal web site

Tickets are available at the door the night of the event.