Shake the Lake returns after two year hiatus


Courtesy of the Sylvan Lake News

Shake the Lake returns on Aug. 12th and Aug. 13th after taking two years off in Central Alberta.

“We decided we need to bring Shake the Lake back because we saw the other festivals shutting down,” Organizer Edward McIntyre said.

“We really wanted to have something that the whole family can come to without stressing their finances.”

The event, which is free of charge, features some of the same events as it did in its previous seven iterations, however on top of music and BMX competitions, this year will also feature a new event for the area, Art Battle.

“I am a graphic designer by trade and I have been doing it a very long time, so we have been always trying to get art into the festival,” McIntyre said. “I was at a couple design conferences and saw this battle format that we will be doing. It looks amazing and it looks like a really good fit to bring it in.”

The Art Battle gives artists a standard tool kit and theme that is given to them the second the competition starts. They then have an hour to complete a work of art to be judged on a 6 ft. by 8 ft. canvas.

McIntyre added, “Every different style is welcome and will be judged on an even playing field.”

On top of this exciting new addition, Shake the Lake will bring in new up and coming musical acts, according to McIntyre – including The New Electric, which has two members who have previously played at this event in the past.

“We pride ourselves on finding the up and coming musical acts,” McIntyre said. “There are lots of people who have played our event in the past that have went on to win Group of the Year at the Juno Awards.”

Saturday will also feature BMX action which will include X-Games level participants competing. At Shake the Lake two years ago, more than 1,500 spectators came to watch this event because of the high calibre of the athletes competing, explained McIntyre.

The event, according to McIntyre, is still looking for sponsorships to help put it on.

Although he said their large sponsors, such as Red Bull, have stepped up, “In a big way,” many of their local sponsors have had to back out due to the struggling Alberta economy.

“We are still in a position where we do need sponsor dollars to come in,” he said. “We are a registered charity so we can offer tax receipts.”

He added anyone looking to sponsor or volunteer can go to for more information.

McIntyre said this festival is important adding, “People love it because it is something amazing for the community.”