Rude, crude and gory

Riddick Universal Rating: 18A 119 minutes

Not being a Vin Diesel fan (although he is easier to take in a couple of movies from the Fast and Furious franchise) this reviewer deliberately avoided his first two outings as an escaped, superhuman criminal, Pitch Black (2000) and The Chronicles of Riddick (2004).

Riddick is his third outing as the title character.

This time, left for dead on a barren planet, his character fights weird, dangerous creatures for his life. After setting off an emergency beacon, not one but two, rescue spaceships arrive and surprise, they want to kill him too. So, for the rest of the movie he’s fighting his rescuers/killers, plus the weird critters.

Apparently, this is what appeals to the multitudes of Riddick fans: endless shooting, killing and fighting accompanied with a high quotient of gore. There are few surprises as our anti-hero, despite injuries that would kill real superheros, picks off his enemies one by one. Judging by the box office returns, fans of the franchise are getting exactly what they want. Although a few have complained that this film is really just a remake of the first one in the series.

Shot in a Montreal studio, some of the effects are impressive, while others are cheesy. Diesel, using his deep growly voice, even gets off a few humourous quips. But, as usual, the special effects are overused and it goes on too long. It’s rude, crude and bloody; for mindless action and Diesel fans only.

Rating: two deer out of five

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Alf Cryderman is a Red Deer freelance writer and old movie buff.

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