Red Deer’s Kayla Williams debuts new single One More Dose

Red Deer’s Kayla Williams debuts new single One More Dose

Musician enjoying all the industry offers

Red Deer’s pop musician Kayla Williams has just released her latest single One More Dose. It’s also a song of a much different beat than her usual musical comedy pieces from The Dirrty Show, which she does with long time friend Melody Stang.

“I had a break up so I had this very intense song that I had written and it ended up being the one that we chose because it just had such a powerful feeling to it,” said Williams.

The song was recorded in April by Heath West of Melodius Design and was released Sept. 1st, along with her music video by Erin Buhr of CrowQuill Productions.

“It’s just amazing how much work goes into one song,” she said.

Williams debuted her song and first ever music video of it a day before its release at The Krossing.

“It was pretty amazing to see it on the screen and have a whole room full of people listening to it for the first time.”

The song was inspired about a break up she had last December.

“The song’s called One More Dose because it’s about feeling like you’ve given this relationship a shot and you know it’s done but you’re coming back to it and you’re getting this dose, you get a hit, almost like a drug because love as they say is like a drug.”

It was because of Williams following on her YouTube channel, which she’s had since 2009, that played a contributing factor in her pushing to record. One particular fan from the UK who has followed her on there for seven years gave her a small sum of money, wanting her to record.

“He’s so excited because I just posted it, and I’m like there’s where your money went, thank you so much,” said Williams.

The music video for One More Dose was recorded throughout different locations in Red Deer.

She said because doing album is expensive, she’s holding off on that for now, but is working hard at pushing and promoting her new single as much as she can for future grant opportunities.

“I think if you’ve actually shown that you’ve put in some effort for your own career and you have some traction it’s a lot easier to get that money, so I think there’s potential that if I work really hard on this one single I’d love to apply for grants,” she said.

Originally from Ponoka, Williams has lived in Red Deer since she was a teenager, and now spends half her time as a playing musician and the other half as a music teacher at 53rd Street Music, teaching voice and piano lessons.

“I’m just lucky because I get to be paid for what I love in all aspects right now.”

And it has been being a singer that she’s wanted to be all her life.

“I never questioned it and it took an interesting path and maybe I’m not quite at the level I would want to be but at the same time I think if you’re just living off your art, that’s a pretty powerful thing to be doing.”

People can see Williams’ new music on her YouTube channel Kayla Williams Music, a place she frequents quite often.

“I have an interesting following of 50-year-old men from America because I’m obsessed with The Beach Boys. I love the Beach Boys and I love harmonies,” she said.

It’s also on her YouTube channel that led her to meeting one of her greatest inspirations, Brian Wilson of the popular boy band from the ’60s.

Because Williams does many covers of famous and not so famous Beach Boys songs, fans and those associated with the band took notice.

Wilson even watched some of her songs, one which has over 100,000 views.

Williams can be seen around town frequenting Roosters, The Vat and International Beer Haus, and does tribute projects from time to time, having done a Gwen Stefani show last week. She has a show coming up in the fall called Time Machine, an oldies show, which sold out last year.

People can listen to her songs on her YouTube channel and stay in the know through her facebook page Kayla Williams Music.

Her latest single is available on iTunes.