‘Mike the Knight’ heading to City

Koba Entertainment’s newest theatrical production, Mike the Knight in the Great Scavenger Hunt, comes to Red Deer on Feb. 3rd.

The production, which brings a thrilling mix of adventure, comedy, music, song, puppets, dance will be staged at the Memorial Centre.

Based on the popular CGI-animated series from HIT Entertainment and Nelvana Studios, ‘Mike the Knight in the Great Scavenger Hunt’ takes audiences on an interactive and eye-opening adventure for the whole family, complete with an enchanting world of medieval castles, plucky trolls and flying dragons.

‘Mike the Knight in the Great Scavenger Hunt’ unfolds during the Glendragon Scavenger Hunt, where the young knight is determined to discover the most knightly way to tackle his chivalrous quest.

Joined by his closest friends Sparkie and Squirt (a pair of quirky dragons), his valiant friend Trollee and his wizard-in-training sister Evie, the stakes are high as the cheerful yet bountiful knight leads audiences on Mike’s bravest mission yet.

“I am excited to forage with Mike the Knight on this medieval scavenger hunt,” says award-winning choreographer and director Patti Caplette.

“And while chivalry and wizardry reign in Mike’s world of castles and kings, I want to convey that kids are kids, and Mike and his friends may have to be reminded to ‘do it right and be a knight’.”

The live show is based on the animated series broadcasted in more than 120 territories.

In each episode, preschoolers follow Mike the Knight on a mission to protect his kingdom, serve his queen and become a fully-fledged knight.

Mike discovers the power of responsibility, doing tasks and activities the right way and reminding viewers of his motto along the way: ‘Be a knight, do it right.’

Organizers say the series and live show encourage independence, self-confidence and problem-solving while inspiring kids to engage their imaginations with dress-up and pretend play.

Mike the Knight’s popularity continues to grow; he is a top license with toys, costumes, sleepwear, DVDs and digital content and has a best-selling magazine for younger audiences.

Koba Entertainment’s ‘Mike the Knight in The Great Scavenger Hunt’ is among the producer’s list of original stage shows including Toopy and Binoo: Fun and Games, Dora the Explorer: Search for the City Of Lost Toys and Max & Ruby in the Nutcracker Suite.

Mike the Knight in the Great Scavenger Hunt’s creative team features Caplette, writer Jennifer Beasley, composer Olaf Pyttlik and scenic coordinator Jason Robbins.

For ticket information, check out www.blacknightinn.ca.