Fun movie overstays its welcome

2 Guns Entertainment One Rating: 14A 109 minutes

2 Guns is a better than average action/comedy that often delights and surprises. Denzel Washington and Marc Wahlberg play two low-lifes into drug dealing and bank robbing. You soon find out that Washington’s character is actually an undercover drug enforcement officer and Wahlberg is undercover military intelligence. But neither knows that about the other, at first, and that’s only the beginning of the surprises in this talky but fast-moving film.

As part of a plot to bring down a drug lord (Edward James Olmos) they rob a bank of some of his loot. But they end up with $43 million that belongs to another, surprising, organization whose representive (Bill Paxton) is even more ruthless than them in tracking down the money.

Washington and Wahlberg work well together and bring most of the enjoyment to the movie. However, their smart banter and humourous action sequences wear a little thin by the end, and the shooting, explosions, car crashes, etc. also are sometimes overdone.

While the often surprising plot twists are mostly fun, but they too overstay their welcome. There are just too many double crosses and dirty deals to sustain any sense of believability. It turns out that everyone in the movie is either corrupt, or they just don’t care.

That said, there is still more entertainment here than most movies of this ilk, thanks to Wahlberg and Washington and some fast pacing, in one of this summer’s best popcorn movies.

Rating: four deer out of five

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Alf Cryderman is a Red Deer freelance writer and old movie buff.

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