UNLIMITED—Red Deer’s The Uncultured are gearing up to get their tunes more exposure on the local music scene.

UNLIMITED—Red Deer’s The Uncultured are gearing up to get their tunes more exposure on the local music scene.

City band boasts ‘loud and proud’ rock

Energized and optimistic about garnering a broader listening base, local band The Uncultured is determined to introduce their tunes to audiences across the region.

The guys recently made the finals during a recent songwriting contest put on by the Red Deer Roller Derby which opened the door for a future showdown where the contest’s winner will be determined by audience response.

Until a date is pinned down, the band is happy to continue to spread the word about who they are in terms of their creative profile, says drummer Kurt MacNeil.

Rounding out the The Uncultured, which formed about seven months ago, is Don Pattimore (singer/guitars and main songwriter), Tony Watts (bass) and Naethon Pertelson (lead guitar).

Musical influences vary from Hank Williams all the way through to Cradle of Filth and all points in between, says Pattimore. And their differing backgrounds have proven a seamless blend of talent. Describing their sound as primarily ‘loud and proud rock ‘n roll’, the guys’ style actually taps into a stream of genres from punk to rock

“Naethon is a punk/rock guitar player, Kurt is a punk/rock drummer, and I went from punk/rock to rockabilly country and back again,” explains Pattimore. “Our bass player is mainly metal. So it’s the kind of variety that allows for coming up with different kinds of music all of the time instead of just falling into one category.”

MacNeil agrees, pointing out the various backgrounds have done nothing to impede their singular creativity.

“Almost from day one it seemed like it worked out really well. Nobody has any ‘This is what we need to sound like’ or ‘I want it to be this way’ kind of attitude. Everybody has equal input.”

The guys recently recorded a five-song demo and it’s clear that strict musical categorization doesn’t apply. “The first song is punk-influenced, and the second song has a blues riff,” explains Pattimore. “We just call it loud and proud rock and roll. The only thing that isn’t on that CD is the country stuff that we do.”

Pattimore originally started out with guitar in his younger days, later setting his sites on the drums. “I thought about piano, but it wasn’t working for me either.”

It was then back to the drums, but then he thought he’d give singing a go. All this time, a penchant for songwriting was emerging as well.

For MacNeil, his musical journey began with piano lessons as a kid. It didn’t last long, and the drums eventually caught his attention. He played with a string of bands during his school years as his skills continued to develop.

With The Uncultured, the guys feel like the right connections have finally been made and their enthusiastic about making their mark on the local music scene. Meanwhile, they’ve also begun work on their first full-length CD and are aiming for a summer release.