Central Alberta Theatre presents Mending Fences

Central Alberta Theatre presents Mending Fences

Productions run through to April 7th at the Black Knight Inn

Central Alberta Theatre launches a new dinner theatre play Friday evening – Mending Fences by famed Canadian playwright Norm Foster. Shows run at the Black Knight Inn March 2nd through to April 7th with dinner at 6 p.m.

Directed by CAT veteran Dale Latam, the story follows Harry Sullivan, who hasn’t seen his son Drew in 13 years, and now Drew is coming to Harry’s Saskatchewan ranch for a visit, according to a synopsis.

“This poignant comedy tells the story of two men who are too stubborn to give in to feelings of the heart.”

Latam knew from the start this was a play she really wanted to be involved with.

“I absolutely love Norm Foster,” she said during a recent chat, pointing out that the acclaimed Canadian playwright crafts charming stories about real folks who find themselves sometimes in some pretty serious situations – but there’s always that sparkling touch of humour as well.

“When I read his scripts, they read like a book that I want to get to the end of and find out what happens, because it’s always a good story.

“This one – as soon as I read it I thought, I love this. And I think it’s so relatable for people.

“(It’s) about truth and honesty and personal discovery. It’s about breaking down ‘emotional walls’. It’s about mending relationships.”

The cast features CAT veterans Jim Claggett, Carla Falk and newcomer Dustin Funk.

As to the story, there are four flashback scenes woven into the plot which will help flesh out the backgrounds of these characters as well.

These flashback scenes will also show why Harry feels as he does – he finds it hard to be close (to his son) because of his own childhood. These scenes require each actor to take on other roles for these particular flashback scenes, too.

“The flashbacks I think will be a really special part of it,” she said. (They) will be introduced through creative light and sound changes designed by our talented technicians.”

Latam is also excited about her fine cast, who have tackled the demands of the script with gusto.

“It’s a wonderful play. Jim and Carla are doing really well, and Dustin has come so far. So I’m really pleased with everyone. And I absolutely love directing!” The collaboration offers a rich and rewarding experience all its own.

“We’ve had such a good time,” she said. “And I hope by the end of it people will be saying to themselves, ‘Damn I had better contact my brother or whoever’,” she said, emphasizing that message of connecting with others before it may be too late.

For ticket information, check out www.blackknightinn.ca.