CAT finishes dinner theatre season with a bang

Final show at the Black Knight Inn before troupe heads to downtown facility

Central Alberta Theatre has certainly left its best production of the year for last.

The Nun’s Trail, written by David Barrett and directed by Patti Sarrasin, runs through until May 8 at the Black Knight Inn.

Dinner is at 6 p.m. with the curtain at 8 p.m.

The story begins in a jail cell with Harry and Fingers who have recently been locked up. They are settling down for the evening when the prison guard, McVitie, enters their cell and fills them in on how the previous inmate, a notorious jewel thief, disappeared from the cell without a trace. His latest jewel heist was also never found.

The pair come up with a plan to try and search for the missing jewels.

Harry and Fingers find a hole in their cell which leads to a tunnel. After navigating in the dark, they discover the tunnel leads to the living room of a convent.

To hide their identities, the pair put on some habits and pose as visitors who have come to inspect the convent.

In the end, no one is who they seem and everyone gets what is coming to them.

The storyline and the characters keep the audience laughing throughout the show.

Gord Phillips, who plays Harry, is the more serious of the two convicts. He has his sights set on the prize (the missing jewels) and will stop at nothing to find them.

Jay Chahley, who portrays Fingers, plays the character perfectly. As Harry’s sidekick and partner in crime, he is the less bright and more dopey of the two. His antics add for a lot of laughs.

Richard Jackson plays one of the funniest characters in the show – Angus.

Angus is the chef at the convent and he is hysterical. Even by just walking through the door, he’s got the audience in stitches with his accent and demeanor.

Jackson also plays McVitie, the prison guard.

Another standout actress in The Nun’s Trail is Ileana Tschafold who plays Sister Chastity.

Sister Chastity is not at the convent because of her own free will but rather because her father was assassinated and she had to remain pure and orderly before she was to receive her $100 million inheritance at the age of 25.

Tschafold plays the ‘naughty-nun’ character perfectly and her attitude and carefree personality are fun to watch as she tries to fit in and obey her Mother Superior.

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