Calgary-based metal band hits City

Throne of Vengeance makes Red Deer debut

METAL HEADS – Pictured here is Trevor Cobb of the heavy metal band Throne of Vengeance. They play The Vat on May17th alongside Tribune and West of Hell. Show starts at 8 p.m.

METAL HEADS – Pictured here is Trevor Cobb of the heavy metal band Throne of Vengeance. They play The Vat on May17th alongside Tribune and West of Hell. Show starts at 8 p.m.

A Calgary-based heavy metal band with a couple of albums under their belt and a few accolades to their name will play The Vat tomorrow night.

Throne of Vengeance has been around for three years and has recorded an EP and a full-length album. The group has toured across Canada twice and opened up for 3 Inches of Blood in Fernie at the end of their Flesh Injection tour last July.

The band includes Tommy Shakes as lead vocals/guitar, Trevor ‘Animal’ Cobb on the drums, ‘Red’ Riley Cobb on bass and Brady Side as the lead guitarist.

“We like to think of ourselves as having an almost ‘new wave of British heavy metal’ kind of sound with a modern take,” said Trevor. “Think along the lines of Iron Maiden, Dio or Megadeth.”

As for their music influences, Trevor said they are each quite simply influenced by real musicians playing real music. “The band’s aggressiveness and demeanor is heavily influenced by the greed, enslavement, and manipulation of people upon their fellow man within our society.”

To date, the band’s albums include Toxic Black Cloud, which was recorded in 2009 by Kirill Telichev in London Ontario’s Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technologies and Flesh Engine, which was recorded in 2011 by 1980s AOR Rock legend Paul Sabu in Calgary at The Slaughterhouse Studio.

One of the highlights personally for Trevor in his music career has been, “Having the opportunity to work with famed AOR rock legend Paul Sabu from California on Flesh Engine.”

Just this past February Flesh Engine hit number four on the national college/community radio ‘Loud’ charts.

In the future TOV is looking to continue its up hill climb, taking their music and message to anyone and everyone who will take the time to listen, said Trevor.

“Tour-wise we will be focusing much more locally this year — Alberta, B.C. and Saskatchewan — to gain more of a fan base in our own backyard,” said Trevor. “We have a couple festivals planned for early June and will be hitting small towns all summer. We have ‘In Our Blood’ in Strathmore and ‘Calgary Metalfest’ currently booked.”

TOV will be sharing the stage during tomorrow night’s show, which gets underway at 8 p.m., with Tribune and West of Hell.

A band of friends and brothers, the five members behind Tribune have been together since 2004, making it their mission to create challenging yet accessible metal. With an EP and demo behind them, the music has become both heavier and more melodic from release to release and now Tribune is set to unleash its latest album Elder Lore/The Dark Arts, showcasing the raw sound that captures the band in its natural live element.

West of Hell is a heavy metal band that was formed in New Zealand and is now based in Vancouver. The band’s objective is to create a sound that would preserve their legendary influences, all the while having modern elements.

In addition during tomorrow night’s show, the trio of bands will also play a tribute in memory of Ronnie James Dio, an American heavy metal singer and songwriter who died two years ago.

“We are amped to be sharing the stage with West of Hell and Tribune in this epic tribute to Dio. It’s great to network with other like-minded bands,” said Trevor.

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