Against the Wall Theatre unveils Dead Lover’s Day

Against the Wall Theatre is gearing up to present a two-act rock musical that pulls audiences into the ‘Land of Lost Lovers’.

Dead Lovers Day runs March 31 to April 3; April 5-9 at the Scott Block.

Doors open at 7 p.m. with curtain at 8 p.m.

Directed by Jenna Goldade and written by Alexandra Mihill, the story begins with ‘happy go lucky lovers’ Frank and Edith.

They promise each other they will be together forever but when Frank suddenly dies, Edith has to decide whether to uphold her promise to him or fall in love with another.

In the meantime, Frank finds himself in a strange new world called Land of Lost Lovers which is presided over by ‘mistress of macabre’ Laverna.

Unfortunate souls await the passage of their significant others. Frank, who is convinced of Edith’s eternal devotion, agrees to wait for his lover. But during this time he’s also vicariously experiencing her life through a one-way mirror.

Don, an enlightened member of the troupe, raised the issue of Laverna’s motivation, and this brings the entire purpose and intention of the underworld into question. This in turn threatens Frank’s confidence and tests the bounds of his beliefs.

Dead Lover’s Day was mounted in 2008 at the Calgary and Edmonton Fringe as well as a weekend show in Red Deer. But organizers say if folks did see the show then, they’ll be even more entertained this time around as the show features six brand new songs and more characters.

Featured in the cast are Chris Cook, Zina Lee, Alexandra Mihill, R. James Sloan, Matt Dale, Chantel Hutchinson, Kari Kinnear, Dylan Gilbert, Rivera Reese and Spencer Pasman.

For tickets, call 403-347-0800 or email

They’re also available at the door (cash only) or by emailing