Wedding contest set to be launched in City

A contest set to launch in the coming weeks is looking for a deserving couple wanting to get married.

Wedding Saviours takes the financial and emotional stress out of arranging a wedding by providing a wedding planner, the bridal gown, custom designed invitations, fresh flowers, a wedding cake, photographer, etc., as well as a full reception for the winning couple and 50 guests.

The Red Deer team of Wedding Saviours recently launched earlier this month.

“Over the last couple of months we have been building our team here in Central Alberta. We need a minimum of 10 vendors to run the contest and we have eight confirmed vendors right now,” said Heather Markiw, team leader for Wedding Saviours in Red Deer and owner of Green County Rentals.

Markiw is hoping to launch the contest which will be in search of a lucky couple in the next six weeks.

“Participating couples will have to create a video or an essay and send it to the Wedding Saviours web site. Once the team is officially launched there will be a link to click on to apply for the area.”

The top 25 couples chosen will go to a vote.

“People will vote on the couple’s videos and essays. The top 10 will go to a panel of interviews. From the interviews we choose the top three couples and then the winner is chosen,” said Markiw.

The top three will pay it forward with activities in the community. Each couple can choose their own charity and they will get points for a variety of activities they do.

“The winner is chosen by the point system.”

Markiw wanted to get involved in the contest because she said she sees a need for something like this in the community.

“Weddings are expensive. There is no way around that. There are many couples who are concerned with how much they are spending. This is a great opportunity for couples who don’t have a lot of options and it’s an opportunity as vendors to give back to the community.

“I just think it will be so cool to be able to give a couple a wedding that they’ve dreamed about.”

The winning couple will have a wedding package that is tailored to them.

“The goal is to give as much as possible free to the couple. The winning couple is responsible for some things such as the liquor license, the marriage license. On average the couple is responsible for between $500-$750,” said Markiw.

For more information check out Vendors looking to get involved with the Red Deer team can call Heather Markiw at 403-885-2835.