CELEBRATE DIVERSITY - Students at St. Joseph High School in Red Deer celebrated with staff for the school’s very first Cultural Spring Fair on May 30th. Todd Colin Vaughan/Red Deer Express

WATCH: Cultural Spring Fair a first for St. Joseph High School

School looking to celebrate diversity every May

The newest high school in Red Deer, St. Joseph High School, threw a one-of-a-kind spring festival in order to celebrate the diversity of their school community.

“Today we are super excited at St. Joseph High School to offer our very first Cultural Spring Fair,” Vice Principal Teresa Borchers said. “It is an opportunity for our students to showcase who they are — where they come from, their culture and their language.”

The festival, according to Borchers, has real value for the school coming together as a community and also is a great showcase to the Red Deer community as a whole.

“There are several booths and they feature opportunities to learn different languages, to listen to cultural music, take part in cultural dance and games,” she said. “As a new school community, we want to be able to celebrate everyone in our school community.

“We have many students born here in Canada, as well as outside of Canada. We wanted to be able to come together and give our students the opportunity to come together to showcase who they are.”

She added the event is an, “Authentic, meaningful way to showcase some of the things they (the students) have been working on in their classes.”

Borchers hopes this is just the beginning for this event.

“We hope that at the end of every May, we will be able to offer this to our school community and Red Deer,” she said. “We are super proud of our students for all of their time and effort in order to get to today.

“They get to showcase their many wonderful cultural gifts and talents.”