On Remembrance Day

Submitted by Lucille Gaumond in the 18+ category

I am just a boy

This gun is not a toy

I left home

So I thought – to roam

My mom cried

My father sighed

They gave me a kit

Showed me how to shoot – not to miss

They sent me far away

It’ll make me a man they say

I grow up quick

Every time I mak a hit

In the trench

The stench

Of blood, sweat and fear

This much is clear

War is a living hell

I can’t stand the smell

I can barely hear

The sounds of guns so near

As my chums stumble and fall

The horror of it all

For never again will I be

An innocent twenty three

For I have seen

What never should of been

We need to end all wars

So we may live free forever more

We fought for freedom

The mighty kingdom

We fought for peace

Hatred to be released

For I cannot see

What benifit war be

What is the point so many die

Some where they lie

For the children who suffer the most, for they don’t understand

The injustice in the land.