New Museum program showcases collection

In 2014, the Red Deer Museum + Arts Gallery will provide the community opportunities to get “up close and personal” with history.

A new public program, scheduled the evening of the third Thursday of every month, launches Jan. 16th from 7 to 9 p.m.

‘Look, Mix, Do’ will combine a number activities on variety of subjects each month. Visitors can expect a new adventure every time. The highlight of every program will be the chance to put on the ‘white gloves’ and take a closer look at artifacts related to each theme.

January’s event is called Surviving Boredom on an Arctic Expedition, riffing off of the Arctic-themed, traveling exhibition from the Canadian Museum of Civilization and Museum of Nature which highlights the challenges of first Canadian Arctic Expedition from 1913-1918.

“We’ve taken a rather intense situation and designed some fun things around the theme,” says Kim Verrier, visitor experience coordinator at the MAG. “This is your invitation to come with family or friends, make a team and join the fun. If you’re up to testing your skill while playing some kooky games, then this program is for you. Of course, the highlight of evening will be to see some of the unique Inuit objects we have in our own collection.”

It’s evident that history is a growing trend in popular culture. The proliferation of history-based television programs attest to this.

Like most museums, the MAG is making efforts to engage the public on different levels.

Exhibitions and programs are now designed to provide the visitor with a more in depth and often, hands-on, experiences.

“Our visitors expect more,” adds Verrier. “Technology enables anyone to discover information quickly about any and everything they may want to know. Our challenge is to offer experiences where people can explore history in unique ways. The Look, Mix, Do program offers that firsthand experience.”

Activities have been designed with an older audience in mind (16+). Refreshments will be available. Regular museum admission applies.

Details regarding all exhibitions and programs scheduled at the MAG can be viewed on the web site at