Still experiencing the Royal fever

Erin Fawcett

Erin Fawcett

Will and Kate have long left Canadian soil, but that doesn’t mean they are far from the minds and memories of the people of this country.

Their visit here was monumental and it is something that Canadians will be talking about for years to come. Even though I didn’t get the chance to see them in person, I somehow feel like I know them better in some sense and I have grown very fond of the pair.

A week in Canada seemed to go by in the blink of an eye and with the amount of people they met, the places they saw and the endless events they attended, I wouldn’t blame them if they slept for the next month.

Of course I was watching their visit and all the details that came with it closely each day. I wouldn’t call myself a Royalist to the far degree, but I do love a fairytale and a even more so, a storybook ending and that’s exactly what these two represent to me.

You could really tell that Will and Kate’s love was real and genuine. He seemed to protect her at times and she was very smitten with him.

Every day on their tour Kate looked stunning whether she was dressed more formally or dressed down in those now famous skinny jeans that she *gasp* wore more than once. Why the media picked up on that is beyond me – seriously, who cares? And of course William appeared dashing in his go-to-look, usually a dark coloured suit and then at the Calgary Stampede in jeans.

Watching the couple on television, they really have this elegance about them. They always seemed happy to be here and always had a smile on their faces chatting with those who waited hours to catch a glimpse.

Their stopover in Slave Lake was also a gesture that showed they really care about people and their situations. You could really tell that all the way through their visit as they stopped and talked with folks and it wasn’t just a quick “hi” or “hello”. They had conversations with people and wanted to know about them.

A few times I caught myself smiling when Kate would meet with young children, especially those who were facing adversity and fighting cancer or another illness. She seemed so genuine and kind and knelt down to their level to connect with them. She really has a love for children and that shone through many times throughout their visit.

I actually teared up when little six-year-old Diamond Marshall, who has a large tumour in her abdomen, ran and threw her arms around Kate at the Calgary Airport. What a touching moment and something that little girl and her family will always cherish. The smile on Diamond’s face was incredible and for just a moment she was able to forget her day-to-day struggles.

Later on during their visit to Calgary it was hilarious to see Kate’s face when her and William attended a rodeo demonstration. Her jaw dropped when the cowboy entered the ring on a huge bull. I honestly don’t think they really knew what they were going to be seeing!

All in all this was a memorable tour for both Will and Kate as well as all Canadians. They have seemed to have really enjoyed their time here and how lucky are they to have seen the diverse country that we are from dragon boat racing to taking part in Aboriginal ceremonies and of course visiting the breathtaking Rocky mountains and experiencing the ruggedness of the Calgary Stampede.

As Will said, “In 1939, my great grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, said of her first tour of Canada with her husband, King George VI: `Canada made us.’ Catherine and I now know very well what she meant. Canada has far surpassed all that we were promised. Our promise to Canada is that we shall return.”

We count on it.