Planning for success in home design

We have finished setting our booths for the home show, by the time you sit down with your afternoon coffee to read this you will have already wandered the labyrinth of the Red Deer Home Show or you will be saying ‘oops, I missed going this year’. It is a unique perspective being involved in the set up process and seeing how much work goes into setting up the individual booths.

It reminded me of design projects that I have tackled in the past or have helped clients as they strive for that perfect space. The initial concept and plan is fun and exciting until you start looking at the overwhelming task before you. At this point some people get scared and stop dead in their tracks; others go on a wild ‘looking for ideas’ spree and usually burn out after overindulging in colour swatches. Some actually give up the process from being far too overwhelmed and never seem to start down the path to their dream home.

The staff at Carpet Colour Centre didn’t just arrive at the Westerner Grounds with a pile of stuff and a toolbox hoping everything would come together, we have planned and measured and pre-ordered and collected items for months to make the execution of this successful. It has taken planning, organization and time management to design our booth to our liking and the end result is satisfying and beautiful.

Take your plans for your new space and put them down on paper, measure and take photos and keep these things with you in your vehicle in case you decide to stop in and look at products for your home. I have so many clients who were driving by my store stop in on a whim to find a tile to match their granite or to find a carpet to go with their freshly painted walls.

Trouble is, many people can’t quite remember the shade of paint or can’t describe their granite adequately enough for me to be of any help. The usual result is that the client has to repeat the process again by bringing in the items they are trying to match. This duplication of time can be very frustrating for people and I often hear ‘I’m having SUCH a hard time choosing’.

The most important step you can take in designing your space is planning.

It’s one thing to decide on tile for your bathroom, it is quite another to actually know the dimensions of where you are putting tile to help you pick the correct size and layout. Again, this will save you spending time shopping for something you might not be able to use.

It is like shopping for shoes without knowing your shoe size, a lot of time spent without any result!

Colour is vital when developing your design plan. If you have already made colour choices or are working with existing materials in the home, keep items with you when you are choosing new elements for your home. An entire showroom full of samples is narrowed down considerably when comparing it to any existing colours or materials you may have.

Success is in the details, you will have a more enjoyable renovation or building experience if you plan well and come prepared to shop, it will be an encouraging experience.

Kim Lewis is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre. Contact her at 403-343-7711 ext 227 or email her at