Kim Lewis

Kim Lewis

In style with furniture trends

As we enter the final legs of 2010, I was curious to look back over this decade into ebbs and flows of interior design trends.

So much has changed in the past decade it would be impossible to cover every trend; my focus today will be furniture.

Furniture trends over the past decade have swung wildly across an ocean of style. Function and fabric have changed dramatically to accommodate our ever changing demands for products which not only suit our lifestyle but also play an important role in our day to day satisfaction. Have you noticed the IKEA ads which proclaim peace, serenity and a happy marriage through organized living?

Never before has furniture claimed to complete and fulfill us as human beings – it makes one wonder what the furniture manufacturers have been up to! Three very noticeable trends have emerged since the millennium.

Furniture has become multi functional in a three dimensional labyrinth of custom functionality. Most furniture performs double duty and has been created to make the most of our shrinking spaces.

Expect to find coffee tables which double as storage, beds that fold up into the wall and double as book shelves or desks. Dining tables which moonlight as games tables make the most of every square foot and even televisions are required to have a second function – they now double as displays for our art or digital images and allow us to surf the net. Multi function furniture is creative and clever and gives us many fun uses for each space.

Furniture is green! Not always green in colour but eco-wise in use of recycled content and materials. Fabric is being created using recycled pop bottles, frames are being constructed from recycled steel.

Often sustainable or reforested wood is required and organic cotton and hemp are commonly used by furniture manufacturers. Leftover foam from cushion shaping is sent to factories where foam chip underlay is produced which is a very smart use of waste!

Clients are demanding eco-friendly products in their homes and recycled and organic fabrics are in demand! Not only are they recycled, they contain none of the VOC’s and off gassing of newly manufactured fibers.

Outdoor furniture has exploded onto our market, even in our frigid climate outdoor living is the definition of style for many homes. Maybe it is because everyone can see your outdoor living space and keeping up with the ‘Jones’ family has just become a little more public.

The furniture that is now being created for outdoor living looks as good as some of the product I see inside! Fabrics by Sunbrella are protected against UV fading and are stain and mildew resistant and are beautifully coloured which beats the deck chair fabric of five years ago.

Portable water fountains and fire pits are perfect to tuck into corners creating a one of a kind ambiance for your outdoor living room. If you have shopped for solar lights or patio lanterns lately you understand the wide variety of style and product that is available. Any look can be stylishly created.

What will the next decade bring? I am sure we will have numerous reflections in 2020 as we look back on our style journeys! Some good choices and some choices we may regret but still a fun shopping trip along the way!

Kim Lewis is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre. Feel free to contact her at 343-7711 ext 227, email her at or join her facebook group called “Ask a Designer”