Kim Lewis

Kim Lewis

Home decor named after food all the more appealing

Have you ever taken a moment to understand why you purchase certain things? How do we analyze our daily habits and rituals? I find it fascinating that many corporations use our desire for the decadent to emotionally lure us into purchasing items. Nowhere is this truer than in home design, we are enticed by our sense of touch and sight as we create our dream spaces.

Think about it, how often have you been attracted to a carpet because of the name? Did you know that carpet manufacturers purposely name carpets after decadent food to create that trigger of lust within us? Run your fingers over a divinely plush carpet decadently labeled ‘crème brule’ and suddenly that shade of beige is so much more attractive than the one labeled ‘tan’. Hardwood manufacturers are working this angle as we now see ‘brownie’ ‘truffle’ ‘black jelly bean’ labels being attached to sumptuous shades of hardwood. They know that we will be inexplicably drawn to the thought of truffle hardwood (instead of brown) and will be sharing that fact with our friends when they are fawning over our new floors. You know you will be having a luncheon to show off your beautiful new décor the second your home is put back together; I’ve done it myself.

The desire for something and the resulting glow in sharing the story are as satisfying as actually getting the object of our desire – isn’t that amazing?

So the powers that be in design use media, marketing and basic desire to draw us into their world. The design stores which specialize in design accessories grab us by the nasal passages upon entering their stores, we almost float through these stores touching and yearning all while encountering the most heady and intoxicating scents from their candles and scented accessories.

What we wouldn’t do to make our homes smell this exotic and floral, it is like being on a permanent vacation in some far away land. They have you (and me) hook, line and scented bead – it works every time.

Pay close attention next time you shop for paint, they have mastered the lust trigger in the rich colour and names of their products. Afterglow, Gorgeous, Obsession, Tango – all names for paint shades promising to turn our average homes into boudoirs or elegant estates. We choose colours for our home based on the names as often as the actual shade. I have witnessed clients deciding between two tones of beige (similar to the carpet dilemma above) and watched as Luxe wins over Clydesdale, even though the shades may be similar. It is an interesting emotional choice to watch.

I recently chose paint with my favourite cupcake ladies for their home. Everyone knows the cupcake of my desire is the Diva and I was laughing to myself as I chose their paint to match their new sofa – guess what it was called? Yup, Diva, a sumptuous, glorious red in our C2 line of paint.

Now, I am a professional and am not swayed by names (you believe that, don’t you?) – but truthfully when I saw that name I was hooked, it was the perfect shade and the name triggered me to instantly salivate.

When you are craving new items and a new atmosphere for your home, watch for sights, feelings and scents that trigger you to lust and yearn for those items.

Kim Lewis is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre. Contact her at 403-343-7711 ext 227 or by email at