Consider enjoying a ‘house appreciation day’

I am rushing for this week’s deadline! I have the Editor of the Red Deer Express patiently waiting for me to finish this on a last minute rush and I am furiously writing while writing him apologetic emails. How does a person get so busy?

This weekend I am planning a ‘house appreciation day’ which means I will spend time at home with my lovely house. I won’t clean but I will tend to the small things that need my attention. There are smudges on a few walls and sheets and blankets that need to be hung out in the beautiful sunshine. I am planning on pulling out my spring outdoor items and spending a good deal of time with my deck furniture, on second thought that may require some cleaning!

During my house appreciation day I may sort out my pantry, this doesn’t officially mean cleaning but a bit of organizing where I get to purge and preserve the things that are worth keeping. If you have canned goods in your pantry that have expired, you have not cleaned your pantry in too long. House appreciation day will also consist of the great fridge and freezer purge. Again, not necessarily cleaning but making space for new produce and delicious things to snack on while I spend quality time on my deck.

These things being taken care of will be a pre-cursor to spring cleaning which will happen in a few weeks, I’ve just had my windows cleaned and will have the big clean done in a few weeks which will include upholstery and carpets. All of this is such a nice way to welcome spring into my home and to begin to enjoy my house again as my hectic schedule begins to slow to a more reasonable pace.

Have you appreciated your home lately? Have you given it a little extra love and attention for all that it does for you or do you keep filling it up with junk and extras and leftovers and expired canned goods?

Your house deserves day of love and appreciation and possibly de-cluttering. On a day as beautiful as we are expecting this weekend it would be a shame to stay inside all day cleaning but a few touch ups here and there combined with time outside in the sun is just the prescription for this endless winter we have been experiencing.

Plan your own house appreciation day with your family, and have everyone commit to changing or improving one small area of your home. An example is my pantry closet, last week I bought some baskets to organize my linens which have gone from neat piles to unorganized piles. There was no cleaning involved yet when I open my pantry door I love the simple efficiency of this space and know that there is a place for everything. Very simple, very fast with a massive impact and a huge boost to my closet serenity!

Love your home, spend some quality time in the space you have spent so many hours making perfect and beautiful. Even better, invite a few cherished friends over for refreshments on your deck. Even a simple round of drinks and some munchies will spark conversation and help you enjoy the beautiful weather! Cheers!

Kim Lewis is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre. Contact her at 403-343-7711 ext 227 or email her at