Colour, texture and lighting contribute to the ‘face’ of your home

As I am titled ‘Interior Designer’ I rarely work with exterior projects but from time to time I will be asked the question when a client is wondering about how to personalize their homes.

When you are building a home it is easier because you get to choose siding, stucco, brick or stone in a variety of colours and the combinations are endless. What about when you have an existing home that has the colours already established?

I was driving around Bower the other day looking at homes, there are a wide variety of single-family homes, townhouses and apartments in that area and I find that the age and style of homes appeal to me.

I have noticed that many people put a great deal of work into their landscaping and I felt that it always gives the house a wonderful street appeal. The ‘face’ of a house can take on many personalities depending on how you dress it. What is your face like?

The home that sports a brightly coloured door or garage door is always an eye catcher, the front of the house looks open and excited. These houses have an instant street appeal and the bright colour draws you to the most important feature of the home for visitors – the front door.

Most homes are finished in neutral materials so this pop of colour is an excellent accent to give your home a distinction in the neighbourhood. It also makes it easier to find if you have directionally challenged friends – direct them to the house with the purple door!

Some people may be reluctant to commit to a purple or red front door but this doesn’t mean their house lacks a focal point. Awnings, floral displays and even furniture can often frame the home and give direction to the gateway of the home. If your house is neutral, consider adding brightly coloured flowers surrounding the front door or along pathways for a natural guide to your home. The placement of flowers and sculpture give a welcoming vibe and show that you are indeed a front yard person which is more welcoming.

I have entered homes which are terribly bland in front only to be enchanted by a blooming secret garden out back – all that beauty should be shared with the front as well!

The placement of trees and shrubs is important in framing the face of your house. Walk across the street and look at your ‘face’ is it open, bright and welcoming or is it covered and secluded? Depending on what look you want to achieve, evaluate what the front of your home is saying to the people passing by on the street. When I see a home that is covered over by foliage, I wonder what the lighting must be inside the home if all the windows are blocked with bushes! If it looks unfriendly outside, it is very possibly dark and gloomy inside as well.

Look at the face of your home in comparison with your neighbours and do something fun and unexpected to make it stand out on your street. Colour, texture and lighting will all contribute to making the face of your home a welcoming spot in your neighbourhood and will greet you joyously whenever you arrive!

Kim Lewis is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre. Contact her at 403-343-7711 ext. 227 or email her at