A weekend full of sports action

I can’t keep up! There was too much happening in one weekend — golf, hockey, football, X-Games, the Australian Open and more. Yes even basketball.

It was simply sports overload. Who do you watch? Who do you ignore? I don’t know, when I get like this I literally shut down.

Ok, I’ll start with everyone’s favourite, the NHL All-Star game. Boring! I’m sorry the fantasy draft is a gimmick. If the ‘hype’ worked last year, it’s completely dead this year. The game itself is a waste of time. Look, 17 times the horn went off. Put a sock in it! We get it. Another goal, it’s not a novelty!

Hey NHL, you want to make the All-Star game memorable, have an 80’s night like the Red Deer Rebels did. Play outdoors at the game. Even if it’s in Florida, play on roller blades and allow hitting. Now that would be cool!

I could talk about the NFL Pro-Bowl, but it’s such a piece of garbage I can’t even give it more than this mention.

Tiger Woods played in the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship. He had a chance to win, being tied for the lead in the final round, but he ended with an average 72 in the final round and ended up tied for third. I’d rank this ‘if you missed it, watch the replay on the golf channel’.

The X-Games is always a good event to watch. Sarah Burke’s death prior to the games left a feeling of emptiness. Extreme snow sports will have to look for a new face. But, head up, the games were fun and Shaun White got a perfect 100 for his third run on the super pipe. As Shaun is clearly head and shoulders above his competition, shouldn’t he be in the brands commercials? Rank: ‘Watch if you still miss the 2010 Olympics’.

Finally, the Australian Open tennis championship took place at around 3 a.m. on Sunday. The match between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic was one for the ages. It was the longest grand slam finals match in history, at just under six hours. Try doing your laundry in under that time (guys don’t answer that). This would rank as ‘must see TV’.

A ridiculously busy weekend for fans, but we had choices. Next weekend, there’s UFC 143. Oh there’s also this Super Bowl thing that’s happening I hate that Eli will win again. The winner will be you the fan, as long as you watch the U.S. commercials.

Oh yeah, I forgot about basketball, I hate the Miami Heat.