A new floor that is actually waterproof

This past year has been a wet one for a lot of homeowners and I often get asked about flooring that is ‘good’ for a wet basement. For those who have experienced flooding or seepage in their basements you know how frustrating and expensive this can be and it is imperative that you find a flooring system that will conquer this problem.

This floor has finally arrived! I am thrilled to tell you about the new Invincible luxury vinyl tile collection which is available in tile and wood visuals. Made of a scratch proof, dent proof vinyl surface this product will take a beating. Dogs, kids (yes, even teenagers) will have little impact on this floor. There are so many people wanting the warm look of hardwood in their basements but shy away due to maintenance and price and I believe vinyl planking is the answer.

Vinyl planking has been around for a while and it has been a product that has been installed for hundreds of people with a great amount of success. The new Invincible floor is a step beyond this due to its moisture-loc watertight seal which clicks together with ease. This product can be installed in your home quickly and over any type of subfloor or concrete employing a locking mechanism that is dust proof and waterproof. I’m not just saying moisture proof – waterproof! This floor can actually sit in water without shrinking, curling or peeling – are you excited yet?

Many people I talk to about their spongy basements think that laminate is the solution for their problem because it floats and is easily removed. This is very true but the trouble with laminate flooring is that it has a core made of sawdust and adhesives which react badly to any moisture or humidity fluctuation. Once your basement has flooded, the concrete can stay saturated for several years and may never truly dry if you have an underlying seepage problem. Often basement floors that don’t show any water are too humid for laminate or carpet. Laminate will swell and buckle in excessive humidity and carpet will continuously bulge and ripple no matter how many times you stretch it.

When you see this product installed you will be amazed at its realism; the hardwood planks are textured and embossed and look like actual wood. The tile visuals are modern and presented in the most current palette of 2012. Now, I always say that I’m in charge of pretty but this product is also very tough and durable. Neither dogs nor teenagers nor spilling of beverages will make its mark on this floor! It is also a breeze for the do it yourself projects as it clicks easily into place.

Sometimes I feel there is nothing new under the sun but I am very passionate about this new product because I know it will solve many moisture concerns. Strength, water resistance, beauty, soundproofing all in a product that looks absolutely amazing, how can I not be excited?

Kim Lewis is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre. Contact her at 403-343-7711 ext 227 or email her at klewis@carpetcolourcentre.com.