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Let the colour into your home this spring

Red Deer designer offers tips on brightening up your space

Spring happens early in my heart and mind.

I envision sweet smells of morning air, melting snow and green grass poking up to greet the sun. Yesterday, spring took a peek in my front yard and it was glorious; the cats were frisky and the pup was discovering bones and toys he had abandoned in the yard when the snow fell many months ago.

I was unable to resist sitting on my deck and soaking up the late afternoon sun as I watched the landscape melt and change before my eyes. Snowballs were thrown (mostly at the cats) and the sound of water running off the roof was like the most magnificent symphony.

It was a glimpse but it was enough to cheer my heart and give hope that winter was breathing the last icy breaths onto our world.

One small window is sometimes enough to propel us onward to the hope that lies before us and can give us the energy and optimism that is needed to push through a project.

Whether it is that book you have yet to finish or a home renovation project to complete, it can seem easier and more enjoyable to be able to tackle it with the sun streaming in your windows or with an open door to the outside world as you improve your space or relax with a little well deserved ‘you’ time.

It is time to bring the colour in!

The scientific research on chromotherapy is irrefutable and can have a proven impact on your health and state of mind. Depending on the day, I use my diffuser each evening to not only fill my room with scents but to also enjoy the colours of the glowing bulb.

It may be a healing type of light needed (greens) or I may be looking to do some mental detoxing (orange).

Whatever the need, colour can give you that boost you require. If you have a room which contains a despised task, such as your laundry room, it would help to incorporate colours which energize and revitalize you such as reds.

The room or space that you unwind in should be calming greens and blues which help lower blood pressure and promote healing.

It may not be necessary to paint or renovate an entire room to incorporate healing and vibrancy.

The addition of light, sound and colour accents will still stimulate the brain and have a positive effect on your system. It sounds silly but the colour of your favorite coffee/tea mug can be a good indication of the colour which reaches you the most. Mine is orange and for some reason tea tastes better in that mug than in a boring old white one any day!

Take heart, dear readers and take a long and satisfying smell of the air outside.

It smells greener and soon we will be basking in more sunny days as we watch our cats play on the lawn. Get an early jump and bring some daffodils or spring flowers into your space and place them on your nightstand so they are the last thing you see and the first aroma you encounter when you wake.

Bring some soul satisfying colour into your life and be aware of the difference you experience when you embrace those healing or energizing feelings.

Kim Wyse is a local freelance designer. Find her on facebook at ‘Ask a Realtor/Ask a Designer’.