Local actors present Song Parody: The Musical! on the Centennial Stage

Shows run April 8th-15th at Red Deer's Centennial Stage in the Scott Block

Two extremely creative members of Bull Skit Comedy troupe are gearing up for their very own music parody show next month.

Ashley Mercia and Mosa Sayyad are excited to present Song Parody: The Musical! Performances run on the Centennial Stage (in the Scott Block) on April 8th and April 15th.

Curtain is at 8 p.m.

Mercia said the show features nine parodies of tunes plus a story-line that brings them all together.

As the synopsis reads, “With one desire in their hearts: to tell the story of two people who love waterbeds, these comedy writers put pen to paper and let the feelings flow. Taking songs you know and love, and then changing the lyrics to suit their needs, join Ash Mercia and Mo Sayyad as they sing, dance, lament, celebrate, and perhaps even make a sandwich.”

Indeed – the originality is compelling in and of itself.

”It centres around two people who love waterbeds in a world where no one else appreciates the waterbed,” she explained with a laugh. “They meet, have awkward dates, decide to change and become better people, and then – will they end up together or not?”

Mercia said it was back in the fall – at the launch of Bull Skit’s regular season – that the concept of putting together a show like this was sparked.

“Myself and my friend Mosa write a lot of song parodies, and we really like to sing, too, about anything and have it set to pretty much any song,” she said. Bull Skit founder Jenna Goldade encourage troupe members to come up with a few shows on their own to round out the season, so Mercia knew this was a golden opportunity to do just that.

“She said she had a bunch of Saturdays open, so we could take some of those dates and put up our own shows.”

Mercia asked Sayyad what he thought about the duo staging a show consisting of song parodies woven into a story-line, and he was immediately onboard.

“We got together, and I said here is my backlog of all of the song parodies that we haven’t performed yet. I have a lot of them,” she laughed. “There’s 20 or so that haven’t been used, and then there are some that have been performed.

“Even when we haven’t been performing, I’ve been writing for Bull Skit and they would be using my songs in some of their shows, too.”

Mercia said she at times thinks ‘in song’ – an example would be walking down the street, noticing a certain situation and then a tune just surfaces and away she goes.

“Only yesterday, I wrote a song that I’m calling King of Not Signalling which is set to the The King of Wishful Thinking about a bad driver.”

There are four characters in the show – it’s me and Mosa going by our own names, and then we have the ‘best friends’ of me and Mosa – Mindy and Dennis. We’re just planning on going backstage and putting on wigs, and coming back out,” she said of the going back and forth between the two roles.

For the pair, putting together the show has been an absolute hoot.

“I think the most fun has come from just writing the songs, and being able to put them together,” she said. “Having people be able to see the show is my favourite part, too, because I also just love singing.”

For Mercia, she’s certainly found a fulfilling path. She loves the feedback from audiences when she can chat with them after a given production.

“Just knowing that you are making an audience feel something – that just really feels so good.”

Tickets are available through the Bull Skit Comedy web site at